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Tiaki is the line for personal safety protection system.

Disinfectant gel, masks, gloves, antimicrobial film.

Tiaki, in the Maori language, translates as "care", in the sense of taking care of someone.

Tiaki shield

Tiaki Shield is a transparent, self-adhesive, antimicrobial film designed specifically for every contact area with very heavy foot traffic, such as in supermarkets, shopping centers, offices and food courts.


Thanks to effective of antimicrobial silver ions, Tiaki Shield reduces and inhibits bacterial proliferation and growth on all surfaces. The laying of the film in common areas, allows to reduce infections by coronavirus and other flu strains main cause of illness, particularly Covid-19, and absence from the workplace. Discover the technical characteristics and application examples of Tiaki Shield on our brochure.

Personal safety protection systems

Discover the individual protective devices that Publyteam has selected for personal safety.

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