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Communication inside retail stores is essential to support brand in store promotions and brand awareness. We offer a wide range of services including interventions aimed at supporting the global image. With our qualified and certified team of professional operators we install and maintain electrical and technological systems such us:


Graphic production and installation on various formats for showcases, walls, windows, floors and ceilings.


Interior restyling and decor using the 3M DI-NOC films with a wide range of finishes, including a selection of articles for interior and exterior décor.

Aesthetic maintenance

We offer a wide range of services including interventions aimed to main the global image. To offer a complete service to the companies dealing with retail stores, Publyteam include aesthetics and plant maintenance.


Our qualified and certified team offers complete service to retail stores include aesthetics and plant maintenance as well as installation and maintenance of electrical and technological systems including anti-theft, video surveillance, data network, automation, anti-shoplifting, air conditioning and heating.


We also deal with aesthetic interventions such as small masonry work, painting, furnishing and communication elements both in the windows and in the sales areas.

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